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Bossman Engar

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To Long - Term
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In: Mauritius 

Language: English Language

Second Language: English Language

Marital Status: Single

Do you have children? No

Do you want children? Yes

Politics: libertarian

Age: 34 years

Height: 5.7

Body Type: Average

Eyes: browm Eyes

Weight - Pounds: 75

Do you drink?: No

Do you smoke?: No

Headline: I am lovely, caring, passionate, understanding, simple and easy going person

I define myself: I am so simple, natural, God fearing, kind, caring, friendly and loving, I am very good Listener and a good Communicator especially with a lady because I understand the desires and emotions of women, i am so attached and adore Women because I was brought up by single mother. My weakness is that I can't waste a second to Express my sincere love and appreciation to a lady, I make women laugh their Head and heart out like Crazy because I am so natural, My Joy Is When I Put a Smile On Woman Face.

Personality: Generous

Romantic: romantics

Ideal Date: My Joy is to hold you tight to my warm body like a pillow and look into your Lovely Eyes always and to wake up with you my Diva and say good morning how are you and how was your night? My priority is to make you happy and support you in everything and all endeavors, your happiness gives me Joy all because I'm not selfish. I hope I can be your perfect dream man that you have been dreaming about. My REQUEST to you is, Would you be my WIFE???

First Date: My First date was splendid and awesome, we stayed Together for two years, I felt like on top of the world then, but quite unfortunately her parents never agreed upon our togetherness therefore she travelled to abroad and I never heard from her till date.

Interests: spending time with pretty Lady Queen a woman of my dream and making ourselves very happy, because I perfectly know and understand that, women are Emotional people, so to satisfy my woman emotionally and psychologically makes me happier.

Sports: Beach Soccer

Music: Country

Favorite Movie: Romantic, horror, adventure etc

Favorite Food: Organic products and anything good for my body

Job: Data Entry

Incomming: high

Study Level: college

Webcam: No
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