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Language: English Language

Marital Status: Single

Body Type: Average

Eyes: browm Eyes

Weight - Pounds: 50

Headline: am kind of person who is honest,kind and lovind

I define myself: am Simon mpiima now in Africa working with a mobile network company in Uganda and at same time student with good sense of humour and a huge heart-God fearing I am caring and compassionate person with a good ear for listening. I am originally from Uganda Kampala, I am looking for friends all over the world but mostly in all and other countries. Any good person can contact me on ***** ***** or Address: Mpiima Simon Tel-choice connect people P.O box 10815 Kampala, Uganda. Telephone: ***** (mobile phone) My hobbies …in my spare time I like craft, painting cooking, outdoors… and tennis.. Looking for a friend. Waiting 4 y replies. Simon

Job: Technical Illustrator

Incomming: high

Study Level: post Graduate

Webcam: No
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