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Seeking Women from Uzbekistan - Seeking Men from Uzbekistan


Seeking Women

To Relationship

In: Uzbekistan 

Marital Status: Engaged

Do you want children? I don't know

Age: 43 years

Height: 162

Do you drink?: Socially

Do you smoke?: Yes

I define myself: Seeking - free picture uzbekistan girl dating - Seeking boy Uzbekistan

Personality: Adventurous

Romantic: not Very Romantic

Job: Painter

Incomming: moderate

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Comments About Lucas:
Anonymous say:
i Want girle from tashkent
Anonymous say:
In the Name of allah
Anonymous say:
i looking Nice ivery intrust Study i working abudhabi
Anonymous say:
no comments ok haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Anonymous say:
Anonymous say:
I Like uzbek girls
Anonymous say:
Anonymous say:
Anonymous say:
Anonymous say:
i am Single to Find Real human girl which she will Be life partner to whole life
Anonymous say:
Anonymous say:
ok. i am Like all Women in here . Thank